Our new album, “Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie, Old Friends” is now available.


 You can order now for 22.00 (includes postage and taxes).




Old Friends was recorded at The Hidden Well in Cumberland by the very talented Corwin Fox and we are thrilled with the results. We both agree, it's the best CD we have made together!




Songs include


John The Revelator (Son House)


Rains On Me (Willie P Bennett)


You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had (McKinley Morganfield)


Old Friends (Guy Clark, Suzanne Clark, Richard Dobson )


Dexter's Back (Doug Cox)


Nobody's Fault But Mine (Trad – arrangement Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie)


Angel of Death (Hank Williams)


By and By (Poor Me) (Charlie Patton)


PayDay (Mississippi John Hurt)


St Anne's (Trad – Arrangement Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie)


In My Time of Dying (Trad – Arrangement Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie)








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Doug Cox


Box 338


Cumberland, BC








Two veteran bluesmen who've been friends so long, telepathy is effortless by now -- playing in a spot so beautiful and acoustically rich it re-inspires them with what Buddhists call Beginner's Mind. “


Spider Robinson






" Doug Cox has a firm grounding in the blues but is always looking to explore different directions.  Give your ears a treat."

Blues Art Studio






 "Doug Cox has a voice not unlike those born in the Delta, slightly rough and wavering yet in tune with the music. "





"Unafraid to fuse Classical elements with both Eastern and Western influences, bluegrass, pop, jazz and what you might possibly expect to hear on Mars, Cox handles each investigation with a sensitive touch and precise execution."

Northern Sky




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 Aside from his own musical adventures...

Doug is the Artistic Director/Exec Producer of Vancouver island MusicFest

Doug is the Camp Director for the Folk Alliance International Music Camp






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